What is Visco-foam? Or memory foam? Are they tempurpedic?

Some of the current favorites in the mattress test are Visco-mattress or combination models. It is suitable for all body types and sleeping positions which make them very flexible, especially for couples. Often called Visco-Therm mattress – consists of PUR foam, a foamed plastic made of polyethurane. The special thing is the memory effect.

As the visco mattress is highly elastic so it adapts to the body. It has a very high point elasticity and is therefore often recommended for orthopedic problems. Visco mattress usually consists of an upper layer of visco foam and a lower layer of cold foam or comfort foam. Many mattresses in our test also consist of two or three different layers under the visco foam layer.

Advantages and disadvantages of the viscous mattress

Like any mattress, the viscous mattress has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Overall, however, the benefits clearly outweigh. The most important advantage is the highly elastic adaptability. The Visco mattress has a high point load capacity and is therefore recommended regularly due to its ergonomic capabilities.

The Visco mattress is especially suitable for people with back problems. Because it adapts to the body contours. This reduces pressure points. A good visco mattress is an upgrade. You are looking forward to your bed after a long day at work.

Freeze less: tempurpedic quality

If you often freeze at night despite warm winter blanket, the tempurpedic memory foam mattress stores the heat. It is the warmest type of mattress that has tested. The visco mattress clings to the body. You literally sink into it. Quiet sleepers often find fulfilment with memory foam. Get the best from thebest-mattress.

Well suited for couples

The viscous mattress is completely silent and has a very low reverberation. This promotes undisturbed sleep, even if you share the visceral mattress with your partner. Cold foam mattresses have similar characteristics to visco mattresses. They also have a high adaptability and are therefore used for orthopedic purposes. Regularly special sleeping areas are designated to improve the ergonomic properties. For restless sleepers, turning and turning during sleep is less powerful than on a memory foam mattress.